Dr. Ike's Home Center uses Epicor Mobile Manager
See how Dr Ike's uses Epicor Mobile Manager to manage anywhere, anytime.

Kimal Lumber - BisTrack Cloud and Mobile Computing


Kimal Lumber's team easily accesses necessary business information while out of the office by using Epicor BisTrack Cloud and mobile tools.

Accurate Inventory with Epicor Eagle® Mobile RF for Multi-Locations

Smith and Edwards Co. uses Epicor Eagle-enhanced Mobile RF guns to improve accuracy and help customers more efficiently.

Quick Access to Business Information - HPM Building Supply


HPM Building Supply can quickly access detailed business information in Epicor BisTrack software needed to smoothly run operations.

Mobile Applications

With mobile solutions (mobile apps) from THINK, enterprises can support more customers, transactions, and products, and maintain a wider range of business partner relationships. Our mobile solutions securely and cost-effectively distribute and automate subsets of existing enterprise business systems outside of the company network – whether connected or remote.


THINK customers can enjoy a rapid return on investment and can transact business where it happens, regardless of location. THINK tools enable companies to easily deploy and manage mobile devices and services to many users and disparate geographies.

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