ERP Software for Manufacturers
Learn how Epicor's ERP software can help manufacturers stay ahead of the game by driving global organizational growth and reduce operational costs. Many of today's ERP solutions do not meet manufacturers' business needs but Epicor ERP manufacturing software is easy to deploy and powerful enough to support manufacturers' growing business.

Epicor's Manufacturing ERP Software Helps Your Business Stay Lean

Epicor Mattec MES can support your lean manufacturing goals with a manufacturing execution system (MES) software designed to increase operational efficiency

D&S Manufacturing: Customer Success Story


John Barkley and Rob Bucek unveil how Epicor ERP has provided the foundation to integrate all aspects of the business and deliver continued commitment to their customers.

Why Africa will become more of a manufacturing hub over the next 10 years?


Despite the electrifying rise of second-world nations in the past thirty years too many African nations have remained resolutely mired in economic stagnation.

Metal and Machinery Industry

Metal industry production process is usually more complex, a metal product is made use of a variety of production processes, including casting, assembly, polishing and electroplating etc. Production process requires fast and flexible control. Even due to large project with several different duplicated molds, our ERP system can support in calculating and control in production process to minimize wastage, monitor on time delivery. Which can relieve stress in storing a serious backlog of finished and semi-finished products, taking up a lot of cash flow in the enterprise.

TTG ERP is a flexible enterprise IT solution that combines EPICOR ERP platform and special needs in metal industry. It perfectly supports in comprehensive management of all operational aspects of metal products business, including sales, customer service, product development, production scheduling (PMC),production planning, mold, projects, production, materials, warehouse, workshop, inspection, supply chain, finance, enterprise performance management, e-commerce. Help you quickly improve the production process on a variety of issues, to fully grasp the real-time information and overall operation in company.


– Support mixed mode of production, combining “according to a single production” and “Inventory mass”
– APS “Advanced Scheduling” is accurate for each processing machine scheduling, achieve the highest sales output
– MES “Shop Management” workshop production schedules in real time to reflect and bottlenecks
– Supports a variety of test mode to the entire production process and closely monitor product quality
– Be outgoing and processing processes, production schedules, quality and delivery for the entire monitoring
– Unified unit management material, completely solve the problem of engineering, procurement, storage of the same material in different units
– To “actual cost of production” basis, immediately grasp the actual profit and loss for each order
– Supports multi-company / multi-region / multi-language / multi-plant / multi-currency

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