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Action Consultant Team

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Cross-regional system implementation, projects are distributed in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.

The company's services are within the scope of the project's funding, and the current funding amount can reach HK$600,000.

See how we can help you as Hong Kong fights COVID-19.

World-Class Software System to suit your corporate needs.

Specific functions which enhance the entire operation performance.

Provide system implementation, integration, personnel training, data analysis and more.

Adjust the system for the unique needs of a specific industry.

Enable your sales organization to interact with customers, build relationships and win business.




Build customer trust and deepen customer relationships with greater insight and agility.



Manage all service queries in the same interface for a consistent experience.



Promote the digital transformation of enterprises, use omni-channel management, and unify customer processes.



​Analyze the data collected from each channel in a unified manner and present it in an easy-to-understand format.




A software interface allows customers to freely interact with the company.


Salesforce Automation  >

Improve sales efficiency, revenue and marketing data quality seamlessly.


eMarketing Automation  >

Automatically manage multiple cross-channel marketing to make the entire process more efficient.


Event Registration  >

Register visitors' information in real time at the exhibition and make real-time analysis and response.


Real Estate Leasing Solution  >

The centralized platform allows you to optimize the real estate process and maximize profits.


FMCG Retail Execution  >

Manage the status of goods in various retail channels on one platform.


Repair Centre Solution  >

Manage the entire process of the repair center, and directly send the repair order to the repair personnel to increase efficiency.


Customer Service Solution  >

Manage the entire process of customer service, increase customer satisfaction and increase business volume.


Field Service Solution  >

One platform manages all aspects of on-site services and increases competitive advantage.

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