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ACC Team

World Class System Implementation Consultant

Cross-regional system implementation, with projects distributed in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.

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Specially provided Cross region business consulting services

ACC Consultancy headquartered in Hong Kong, it not only provides business development consulting services for Hong Kong and Mainland China, but also clients in cross-regional companies such as the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.


We understand very well that cross-regionalization is critical to today's business. The company headquarters may be in Singapore, but there are several factories in China, Vietnam and Taiwan. Different regions have different cultures and habits. It is difficult to succeed in a multi-regional project without a multi-regional consulting service provider like us. That's why we've created cross-regional project teams specifically for cross-regional businesses like yours.


Self-established system development team, On-site support for world-class systems

Different from general consulting companies, ACC has its own system development team to develop systems tailored for corporate customers. Due to the delicate structure of the world-class system, to fully cooperate with enterprises in different regions or different industries, some tailor-made modifications or additions are required to more successfully utilize the powerful benefits of the world-class system. Since we have served many corporate customers from various industries, we have extensive experience in this regard.

Our Mission

To enhance enterprise efficiency, profitability and competitiveness through our professional services and in-depth industry knowledge.

Our People

ACC was found by consultants from well-recognized consulting firms. Our consultants provide Epicor professional service since 2002.


Based in Hong Kong, ACC uniquely combines strong project management experience with in-depth industry knowledge, coupled with proven project implementation methodology, in providing enterprise solution.  


Our people came from global consulting firms have focused in providing turnkey solutions to a variety of organizations from different sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, service industries etc.  We are devoted to ensuring all our clients receive greatest return in order to sustain their competitiveness in respective industries.

Our Business

ACC has four core businesses, namely ERP Implementation, Business Consulting, Project Management and System Support. They are blended to develop fully integrated and end-to-end IT solutions in serving the business communities across Asia.  


A fundamental belief of ACC in moving ahead is to establish a customer oriented and value-based consulting organization.  It offers a comprehensive solution ranging from back-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to front-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, especially for service, distribution and manufacturing industry.

Our Office

Headquarters in HK, our group has branch offices in Malaysia, Taiwan & China.   We have consulting resources in all locations including Project Manager, Application Consultant, Technical Consultant and R&D.


China, Shanghai


China, Shenzhen


Hong Kong





Our Experience

ACC has provided Epicor professional service for over 200 companies in the past 20 years.

Epicor Implementation

ACC has experience on the implementation of different version of Epicor ERP including:  


  • Version 5.1 – Client Server architecture

  • Version 5.2 – Client Server architecture

  • Version 6.0 – Client Server architecture

  • Version 6.1 – Client Server architecture

  • Version 8 – SOA/.NET architecture (Epicor has no version 7)

  • Version 9 – SOA/.NET architecture Version 10 – SOA/.NET architecture

  • Version 11 (Kinetic) - – SOA/.NET architecture

Epicor Upgrade

ACC has assisted our customers to conduct the migration from earlier version to latest version of Epicor system.  For example, we have experience on below system version migration.  


  • Version 5 to Version 6

  • Version 6 to Version 8

  • Version 5 to Version 8

  • Version 8 to Version 9 or 10

  • Version 9 to Version 10

  • Version 10 to Version 11

  • Epicor Saas Migration

Epicor Development

With our strong Epicor product knowledge and in-depth industry experience, ACC has successfully developed varies industry vertical solution on Epicor platform throughout years including:


  • Mobile OMS for F&B chain stores

  • Mobile Field Service APP

  • Mobile Warehouse APP

  • Mobile Survey for FMCG Industry

  • Garment & Apparel Industry Solution

  • Cost Estimation for Printing & Packaging Industry

  • Supplier Portal

  • Customer Portal


All above products are fully integrated with Epicor ERP

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