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Engineering & Construction Industry

ACC and AEL partner to implement Epicor ERP, transforming project management, budgeting, and financial planning, enhancing operational efficiency and strategic decision-making in the engineering sector.

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Key Industry Challenges

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Epicor Features

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Explore the transformative power of ERP solutions within the Engineering & Construction industry. This page is your gateway to understanding how advanced ERP technologies are reshaping project management, financial oversight, and operational workflows. From streamlined budgeting processes to enhanced efficiency across projects, discover how leading firms are leveraging ERP systems to navigate the complexities of the construction landscape, ensuring precision, profitability, and growth.

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Engineering: Challenges

Key Industry Challenges for the Industry

Budget Management

Engineering and construction projects often face challenges in accurately forecasting and managing budgets due to factors like unexpected cost overruns, fluctuating material prices, and scope changes, leading to financial strain and potential project delays.


Project Management

Coordinating complex construction projects involves managing timelines, resources, and stakeholders, amid challenges such as scheduling conflicts, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory compliance, requiring efficient planning and communication strategies.


Variation Management


Handling variations in project scope, design changes, and client requests poses challenges in maintaining project consistency, controlling costs, and ensuring timely delivery, necessitating effective change management processes and documentation.


Costing Management


Tracking and allocating costs across various project phases, including materials, labor, and overheads, presents challenges in accurately forecasting project expenses, managing cash flow, and maintaining profitability amidst market fluctuations and unforeseen expenses.


Field Service


Delivering field services efficiently requires overcoming challenges like remote communication, access to real-time data, and coordinating mobile workforce activities, necessitating robust mobile solutions and streamlined processes to ensure timely and effective service delivery.


Subcontract Management


Engineering and construction projects face challenges in effectively managing subcontractors due to issues like coordination gaps, quality control, and schedule conflicts. Ensuring subcontractor compliance with project specifications, safety regulations, and contractual terms is crucial. Challenges also include timely payments, dispute resolution, and maintaining positive subcontractor relationships, necessitating rigorous oversight and communication strategies to minimize risks and ensure project success.


Claims Management


Managing project claims, disputes, and contract variations poses challenges in resolving conflicts, protecting project margins, and maintaining client relationships, requiring meticulous documentation, negotiation skills, and adherence to contractual terms to mitigate risks and ensure project success.


Financial Management


Engineering and construction firms encounter difficulties in managing finances due to project-specific cash flow fluctuations, complex billing structures, and long payment cycles, leading to challenges in budget adherence and financial forecasting. Additionally, managing multiple projects concurrently requires robust financial controls, accurate reporting, and strategic planning to optimize profitability, mitigate risks, and ensure long-term sustainability.


Project Profitability Analysis


Engineering and construction companies face challenges in accurately analyzing project profitability due to factors like fluctuating costs, unforeseen expenses, and scope changes. Challenges also include allocating overhead costs, tracking revenue streams, and assessing project performance against budgeted expectations. Effective profitability analysis requires comprehensive data collection, accurate cost tracking, and sophisticated financial modeling to identify areas for improvement and optimize project outcomes.

Engineering: Epicor Features

Epicor Features for the Industry

Epicor Budget Management

Epicor streamlines budget creation, tracking, and monitoring, providing real-time visibility into project finances, enabling accurate forecasting, and proactive budget adjustments to prevent overruns.


Epicor Contract Management

Epicor centralizes contract data, streamlining contract creation, tracking, and compliance management, enabling better visibility into contract terms, milestones, and obligations.


Epicor Project Management

Epicor centralizes project data, streamlining scheduling, resource allocation, and communication, facilitating efficient project planning and execution.


Epicor Variation Management

Epicor automates change order processes, ensuring timely approval, tracking, and documentation of variations, minimizing scope creep and project delays.


Epicor Costing Management

Epicor integrates cost data from various sources, enabling accurate cost tracking, analysis, and forecasting, ensuring better financial control and project profitability.


Epicor Mobile Field Service

Epicor offers mobile solutions for field service operations, enabling real-time access to project data, task assignments, and communication, enhancing field service efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Epicor Claims Management

Epicor streamlines claims management processes, facilitating documentation, tracking, and resolution of project claims, ensuring compliance with contract terms and mitigating disputes.


Epicor Financial Management

Epicor automates financial processes, including billing, invoicing, and cash flow management, providing real-time financial insights, enhancing budget control, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Epicor Subcontract Management

Epicor provides tools for subcontractor management, enabling efficient collaboration, performance tracking, and payment processing, ensuring subcontractor compliance and project success.


Epicor Data Analytic (EDA)

Epicor EDA, a B.I. tool, consolidates project data, facilitating comprehensive profitability analysis, including revenue recognition, cost allocation, and margin analysis, enabling better decision-making and project optimization.

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