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Apparel and Garment

ERP management system

SKU and BOM complexity is a challenge you often face throughout your supply chain system.

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Garment Industry ERP Management System

What is​ garment industry ERP management system?

Increased customer demand, shortened lead times, cost controls and stricter quality standards all pose challenges for your business to remain competitive. Automation can support the integration of company operations, production processes, inventory management and supplier management, thereby providing a one-stop solution to facilitate quality control and efficiency realization.



Allows to define the color range and size ratio for each style

Critical path management

Allows definition and monitoring of key stages/tasks from sample to bulk order to production to shipment

Outsourcing management

Support for outsourced production and inventory management

Check management

Alert check schedule, document check results and provide quality analysis

Sample management

Multiple versions of samples are supported. Each version has its own techpak

Cost management

Support for pre- and actual costs with cost variance analysis

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