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ACC Team meet the needs of specific industries

Industry knowledge is critical to the success of an ERP project. We have experience in the following industries and are aware of your needs.

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Manage the entire life cycle of the project, including bidding documents, quotations, contracts, project approval, manpower/material planning, procurement, construction, quality control, requisition, closing, and project profit analysis


SKU and BOM complexity is a challenge you often face throughout your supply chain system.


Customers are demanding better service; greater flexibility in products; higher product quality in smaller sizes, more frequent deliveries and lower prices.


The cost of food directly affects the profit of the enterprise. The flow of human resources is the norm in the industry. Technology is the solution for the restaurant industry.


Price sensitivity, raw material cost fluctuations, shortened product life cycles and the adoption of quality and value-added services.


Challenges such as "recalls", variable forecasts, stringent quality control, narrowing margins and complex material reimbursement


Only an automotive supplier with the most flexible IT infrastructure can adapt to the growing demands of its customers.


Price sensitivity, raw material cost fluctuations, shortened product life cycles and the adoption of quality and value-added services.


Competitive pressure to launch more attractive, reliable and affordable products and bring them to market in record time.

Add-On Solution

Special Built Solution


Customer Relationship Management

Seamlessly improve sales productivity, revenue and marketing data quality.


Online Marketing Automation 

Automate the management of multiple cross-channel campaigns, making the entire process more efficient.


Event on-site registration 

Register visitors' information in real time at the exhibition and make real-time analysis and response.


Real estate lease management

A centralized platform allows you to optimize real estate processes and maximize profits.


Retail Tour Program (FMCG Retail Execution)

Manage stock status across retail channels on one platform.


Maintenance Center Management Solution

Manage the entire process of the maintenance center, and directly send maintenance orders to maintenance personnel to increase efficiency.  


Customer Service Management Program

Manage the entire process of customer service to increase customer satisfaction and increase business.


Field Service Management Solutions

One platform manages all aspects of field service, increasing your competitive advantage.

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