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Machinery & Factory Automation Industry

ACC implemented Epicor ERP, in 7 months, for Kateeva to cater for global business.  The scope includes Engineering Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Management & Financial Management.

Transforming Kateeva with ACC's Expertise in ERP Solutions

A Partnership Defined by Excellence and Innovation

At ACC, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional ERP solutions that drive success and innovation. Our collaboration with Kateeva is a prime example of this commitment, marking a milestone in the realm of inkjet deposition equipment solutions. Through our partnership, we have not only revolutionized Kateeva's operations but also showcased the depth of our expertise and professionalism.

Challenges Met with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Kateeva faced significant challenges in addressing the demands of a global market and managing the complexity of their high-quality products. Recognizing the need for an advanced ERP solution, they chose Epicor ERP to enhance their operational efficiency across various domains, including Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, and Financial Management.

iTTG's Role: A Catalyst for Rapid Transformation

Our role in this transformative journey was pivotal. Within a mere seven months, ACC successfully implemented Epicor ERP for Kateeva, demonstrating our unmatched dedication and expertise. The implementation spanned across vital business areas, tackling product development complexities with Epicor's multi-level Method of Manufacturing (MOM), alongside comprehensive management of Supply Chain, Production, Warehouse, and Finances. The integration of Project Management within the Epicor system further enabled Kateeva to oversee their development and production processes with greater visibility and control.

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Innovative Solutions for Complex Operations

Kateeva's intricate products, comprising hundreds of thousands of parts per machine, necessitated an efficient approach to supply chain and warehouse management. ACC introduced a Warehouse barcode system, significantly enhancing production workflows and minimizing errors. Beyond the manufacturing floor, Kateeva has made waves in the OLED display industry with their pioneering printers, featuring unique print-head monitoring technology and SmartMixing™ software. Our implementation of a Mobile Field Service APP has empowered Kateeva's extensive network of field engineers, providing them with instant access to job details, stock status, and seamless ERP integration, thus elevating their field service operations.

A Testament to Excellence and Partnership

The successful Epicor ERP implementation at Kateeva stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation. With ACC's expertise and professional approach, Kateeva has not only modernized its operations but also reinforced its position as a leader in delivering high-quality products and services to the global market. This collaboration highlights the transformative power of partnership, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of operational excellence.

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