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ACC deployed Epicor ERP for Wing Fat Printing in 8 months, enabling expansion into molded fiber and intelligent medical packaging. Coverage included Cost Estimation, Supply Chain, Inventory, Production, and Financial Management.

Transforming Wing Fat Printing with ACC's ERP Solutions

Introduction to the Partnership

In an era where innovation drives the printing and packaging industry forward, Wing Fat Printing embarked on a transformative journey with ACC, leveraging the advanced capabilities of Epicor ERP. This collaboration is a prime example of how strategic partnerships, combined with deep industry expertise, can lead to remarkable achievements.

Challenges and Vision

Wing Fat Printing, a frontrunner in the printing and packaging sector, faced the challenge of evolving market demands. Recognizing the need to expand beyond traditional packaging solutions into areas like molded fiber products and intelligent medical packaging, they sought a partner with the expertise to bring their vision to life. ACC, known for its profound knowledge and professionalism, was the perfect match.

Strategic Implementation by ACC

ACC's role was crucial in navigating Wing Fat Printing through the complexities of implementing a comprehensive ERP solution. With a deep understanding of the printing and packaging industry's unique demands, ACC tailored the Epicor ERP system to align perfectly with Wing Fat Printing's needs. Over eight months, ACC led a meticulous deployment process, focusing on:

  • Cost estimation

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Inventory management

  • Production management

  • Financial management

How to start?

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Transformative Outcomes

The partnership yielded significant operational improvements for Wing Fat Printing. Epicor's ERP system facilitated a seamless transition to more efficient processes, enabling Wing Fat Printing to manage a diverse product range effectively. This included not only traditional packaging solutions but also innovative ventures into molded fiber products and intelligent medical packaging, reinforcing their industry leadership.

The Role of ACC's Expertise

The success of this project can be attributed to more than just the technological solution provided. ACC's unwavering dedication to excellence and their proactive, knowledgeable approach played a pivotal role. Their commitment ensured a smooth implementation, minimizing disruptions and laying a solid foundation for Wing Fat Printing's continued growth and innovation.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Success and Innovation

Wing Fat Printing, with ACC's support, has set a new benchmark in the printing and packaging industry. This case study exemplifies the power of strategic collaboration and expert guidance in achieving operational excellence and setting the stage for future innovations. Wing Fat Printing's journey with ACC and Epicor ERP is a testament to the transformative impact of embracing technology and expertise in the modern business landscape.

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